Monday, January 21, 2008

"The Lord...sent you on a mission"

Father Jose Bautista-Rojas after Mass with Indians, Sri Lankans, Filippinos and Americans at Camp Al Taqaddum.
Marines just arriving in Iraq to begin their deployment express their thanks for the gifts of candy from the people of the Church of St. Philip the Apostle in Camp Springs, MD, and phone cards from the children of St. Philip School.
Phone cards from the Sodality of Our Lady at St. Philip Church.
More thanks f0r the students of St. Philip the Apostle school. Ooh-rah!

"I did indeed obey the Lord and fulfill the mission on which the Lord sent me." (1 Samuel 15)

The Lord tells us to"do the will of our heavenly Father"; for this He sends and He also calls. He sends us upon each mission and also calls us to new tasks.

We are pilgrims on the Earth. Our Faith teaches us that "we have here no lasting city". Also, happily, our Faith makes it possible for us to be at home anywhere in the world. The "communio" of the universal Church guarantees the Lord's consoling presence for us on our way whenever we must say goodbye to one place and obey the Lord's call to set out again upon the journey of obedience.

The Lord and our fellow believers in the Church help us as pilgrims in this world to look always for the new things that the Lord holds in store for us. Christ tells us to put our hands to the plow and not look back if we would be members of His Kingdom.

My short stay at Al Taqaddum, my last stop in Iraq, was a consolation on my journey of transition as I celebrated holy Mass on Sunday with Fr Jose Bautista-Rojas and spent time with him in fraternal conversation. He spoke in his homily to remind all of us that the good work we do is our reward and the Lord's recognition is the most important any of us can hope to receive. Father celebrated Mass for Sri Lankans, Indians and Filippinos in the evening at the dining facility.

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