Monday, April 28, 2008

San Giovanni Rotondo: Lettera a Padre Pio sulla Tomba

Letter to Padre Pio at the Tomb

They love him because he shared their suffering. They love him because he showed them a living, breathing image of the suffering Christ in his wounded hands.

The world does not know this love and remains concerned only with details about souvenirs or how things appear or how many people come or what things will cost. Those who know and love Saint Padre Pio do not need words to tell them of his importance because they speak the more eloquent language of the heart, the language of the Crucified.

Today at San Giovanni Rotondo I wrote a note to Padre Pio and deposited it at the shrine near his remains. I asked him to intercede for the intentions and needs of the faithful people of the Church of Saint Philip the Apostle at Camp Springs, Maryland. I prayed the rosary and the divine office of Matins and Lauds in the presence of his remains for you and your families.

If you are sad

If you have sinned

If you are worried

If you are in danger

If you are discouraged

If you are beaten down

If you are unreliable

If you are unfaithful

If others come to you less

If God seems far away

If prayer weighs you down

If you feel you are alone and are fearful

If you have need of courage

If the world seems greater than God

If you are bitter and want to criticize

If love seems an illusion

If we can be of good for you

If you sense a great invitation

-Invitation to seek help from the intercession of Padre Pio through the prayers of the Frati Cappucini, the Friars Minor Capuchins, through the recitation of the holy rosary

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