Saturday, May 3, 2008

Arrivederci Roma

Until we see each other again.

Castel San Angelo, the dedicatory bronze statue of the archangel Saint Michael atop it, the most fortified stronghold in the city, was built as Hadrian's Tomb and later adopted for use by the Roman pontiffs during the days of barbarians and frequent invasions of Rome. Massive moats, now dry, still surround the fortress and mark the limits of a park popular for Romans under the umbrella pine trees around the castle. This view is from one of the many bridges that cross the Tevere, or Tiber, river which flows down to Ostia, which comes from the Latin for "mouth", the name of the city which once was famous as the gateway seaport for the ancient capital of the farflung empire.

The heights of the Gianicolo hill afford some of the finest views of Rome. Castel San Angelo, refuge of popes during the sack of Rome and dedicated to the Archangel Saint Michael, is visible with the massive Palazzo di Giustizia, or palace of justice, to the right. The line of trees between these landmarks line the Tiber River on its way through the city.

The dome of Saint Peter's basilica and the Alban hills south of Rome visible to the right.

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