Friday, June 27, 2008

"Where there is charity...

...there are no distances." Saint Augustine

Pray for unity within the Church.

We might also say that where there is no charity one cannot find the presence of the Lord. Charity begins at home. The true home on earth of the Lord is His Church. Let all the earth know the Lord through the love we have for one another.

Pray also for unity with those who have separated themselves from the Body of Christ:

"O God, Who settest straight what has gone astray, and gatherest together what is scattered, and keepest what Thou hast gathered together: we beseech Thee in Thy mercy to pour down on Christian people, the grace of union with Thee, that, putting disunion aside and joining themselves to the true shepherd of Thy Church, they be able to render Thee worthy service."

The devil attacks the Father through His children in Christ. Do not give the Evil One any room in this House. Love your neighbor. Pray for your persecutors. Bless those who curse you. Love those who hate you.

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