Monday, August 4, 2008

Pauline Year Travelogue: Tre Fontane

The Church of St. Paul of Three Fountains was raised over the spot where St. Paul was beheaded by order of Emperor Nero on 29 September, ca. AD 67. Tradition says that the head, once severed from the body, bounced, striking the earth in three different places from which fountains sprang up, which flow to the present day and are located within the sanctuary itself.

"Historians in fact situate the birth of Saul -- who later became Paul -- about seven to 10 years after Christ's," the Holy Father noted. "Thus, after the passage of about 2,000 years, I wanted to call this special jubilee, which will naturally have Rome as its center, especially the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls and the place of martyrdom at Tre Fontane."

-Pope Benedict XVI, Angelus Message, 29 June 2008

The apse of the church.
The column of Saint Paul's martyrdom.

Celebrate the Pauline Year, 29 June 2008- 29 June 2009.

(Photos: Wikipedia.)

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Saint Conleth’s Catholic Heritage Association invites you to honour the Holy Year of St. Paul by attending Holy Mass in the Traditional Latin Rite (Missal of Blessed John XXIII) on Saturday, 30th August, 2008, at 11 a.m., in St. Paul’s Church, Emo, Co. Laois, Ireland, followed by a tour of Emo Court House and Gardens.

For the past 15 years, St. Conleth’s Catholic Heritage Association has been working prayerfully for the provision of the Traditional Latin Liturgy in the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin.

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