Thursday, September 11, 2008

"a pilgrim among pilgrims": Papa Benedict at Lourdes

"He has been a master catechist, drawing the Church back to its roots in the Bible and the Fathers who created Christian doctrine.

"He has also done both the world and the Church a great service by highlighting and analyzing the linked problems of faith-detached-from reason -- as in jihadism -- and a loss-of-faith-in-reason -- as in European, and especially French, post-modernism.

"Finally, the Pope has reminded the Church that it is most itself when it is celebrating the Eucharist, which must therefore be done with appropriate dignity."

-- George Weigel reflects on the major contributions of Pope Benedict XVI's pontificate to date as the pontiff prepares to journey to France 12-15 September.

(Photo: Papa Ratzinger blog.)

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