Friday, February 27, 2009

Liturgy is "Given"

"Liturgy thus should be considered a treasure 'given' to the Church, not created by it. The fact of the steady growth of liturgical traditions along its bi-millennial history, and the surprisingly harmonious and natural way in which it has happened, is proof of the work of the Holy Spirit and the surpassing nobility of its contents. It is like a tree, which continues to grow, at times shedding its leaves, at other times being pruned to become stronger and straighter, but always remaining the same tree. Sacred Liturgy has undergone a similar process of growth but never a new beginning, right from the earliest times even until now — and so it will be even in the future because it is Christ Himself who through His Mystical Body, the Church, has continued to exercise His priestly office."

-- Abp Malcolm Ranjith

For more, read Toward an Ars Celebrandi in Liturgy by Abp Ranjith. Photo from Rorate Caeli.

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