Sunday, March 4, 2012

Disfigured by sin - Transfigured by grace

Our military archbishop His Excellency Tmothy Broglio began his Lent journey by visiting wounded warriors. These individuals are disfigured by wounds sustained through exposure to the physical evil of violence in war. Though the motives by which they offer their lives in defense of our nation are unassailable they yet bear the marks on their bodies and the effects upon their minds and spirits of manknd's sinfulness.

We, too, are disfigured by sin in ways we often cannot see but the consequences of which are far more terrible: alienaton from the eternal life and love of God.

The Church proposes for our meditation on this Second Sunday of Lent the gospel of the Lord's Transfiguration. His heavenly glory as God is briefly perceptible by the Apostles before a cloud takes it away. The men and women wounded by war cannot hide or escape their physical disfigurements but, rather, often leave family, friends and other visitors astounded by a transfiguration of their spirits by which they focus on, and take encouragement from, what they have rather than what they do not.

We, too, must learn to keep ur eyes fixed upon Christ by faith while the cloud conceals in this world the heavenly glory He promises to share one day forever with us. We take courage from our faith in the One who rose from the dead after He bore Hs cross as we here and now bear our own.

Praised be Jesus Christ, now and forever! Amen.

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