Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dear Tim

Your words have moved me to respond as I do you the honor of presuming sincerity on your part.

You say that my "political agenda" in last Sunday's homily, The Power of Christ as Prophet, infuriated you. Why does my defense of the poorest of the poor, the unborn, infuriate you? Is it not rather the misuse of the most powerful office in the land to actively promote the slaughter of these poorest of the poor which should infuriate you and which better deserves your attention?

Are you willing to entertain even the possibility that one's decision in casting a vote to elect a particular person may be cooperation in a moral evil? Cardinal George has wisely reminded us all that "a moral matter which becomes a political matter remains a moral matter after it becomes a political matter". The Church has been given the power and authority by Christ to speak out on moral matters as well as Faith and He has made clear also that the Church does not have the option to remain silent. Thus, I speak.

"Save your political opinions for another blog" you wrote. The sacredness of human life and the defense of it are not my opinions. Human life is created by God and He demands that we protect and preserve human life and speak out in its defense.

The opinion we should oppose is that of those persons who contemplate the taking of innocent human life for any reason whatsoever.

Bless you,


MCITL said...

Tim's note reads in full:

I typically enjoy your thoughts on the liturgy, but today's political agenda infuriated me. Save your political preferences for another blog. Passing off your own opinions amongst Godly wisdom from scripture seems more of a sin to me than others you have mentioned.

Christine said...

Bravo, Father!