Thursday, May 30, 2013

"I want to see": the vision of faith opens us to love the One we need

Much of life is seeking what we want, what we think we need. Sometimes we can form our lives so much around what we want that we can forget other people and other things and, in so doing, forget something very important about loving ourselves: we also need other people and the love that they can give to us. This too is necessary for our happiness.

Sometimes people who love us very much will tolerate selfishness perhaps even for a very long time because of their love for us.

The Lord's relationship with us is different: it is always about Him, not us. The blind man wants his sight and is persistent in demanding a miracle. He is very clear about exactly what he wants from Jesus: "I want to see". But the reason he is able to make this demand for the restoration of the sight that he wants is because he has received from God what he needs: faith. He believes that Jesus has the power of God to heal him. he has put his faith in Jesus as God.

"Go, your faith has saved you". The sight of his eyes that the blind man wanted restored was merely a physical, worldly confirmation that he had the one thing necessary: Jesus through faith.

Our relationship with Christ is different than all other relationships because it is about Him and what He wants and not about us and what we want. It is about Him because He is what we truly need.

Let us pray for ourselves that we may always truly want through love the One we truly need, and can only possess, through faith.

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