Thursday, September 12, 2013

Sanctissimi Nominis Mariae - Most Holy Name of Mary

The honoured name of the Virgin Mary, which is said to mean Star of the Sea, is most fitting for the Virgin Mother. She may well be compared to a star ; for, as a star beameth forth its rays without any diminution of its own lustre, so too the Virgin gave birth to a Son with no loss to her virginity. The departing rays do not lessen the star's brightness, nor Mary's Son her ínviolate maidenhood. She is, therefore, that noble star risen from Jacob and raised by nature above this great and wide sea. She shineth with merits, she enlighteneth with her example. Ye, all ye that are cast about upon sea of temporalities in storms and tempests more than ye walk on solid land, turn ye not your eyes away from the brightness of this star. Think of Mary, call on Mary, so that ye may experience for yourself how fittingly it was said, And the Virgin's name was Mary. - Pope Innocent XI ordered the Feast of this most holy name, which had already been honoured with a special rite in some parts of the Christian world, to be celebrated each year by the universal Church as a perpetual memorial of the great blessing of that signal victory won at Vienna in Austria over the cruel Turkish tyrant who had been grinding down the Christian people.

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