Sunday, November 2, 2008


Architecture at Charles de Gaulle.

View from the air of lakes and towns in the Colli Albani, the Alban hills, south of Rome.

A necropolis, or city of the dead, also in the Colli Albani.

MCITL is on travel. Thursday a flight from Philadelphia to Paris with a connection to Roma. Arrived near midday Friday and trained to the city at Stazione Termini for a cab to accomodations on Via Sardegna off the Via Veneto and very close to Villa Borghese.
Made haste to Sala Stampa, Holy See Press Office, to obtain press accreditation by closing time of 3 pm. Then a visit with Swiss Gaurd friend Stefano.

Dinner of spinach and ricotta pizza and a salad of greens, shrimp and canneloni beans. For wine an Aglianico di Campania from the house of Mastroberardino in the Naples region.

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