Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Saint Bonavenure, Bishop and Doctor: "I give praise to you, Father"

for although you have hidden these things
from the wise and the learned
you have revealed them to the childlike."
-- Mt 11:25-27

God's truth is his wisdom, which commands the whole created order and governs the world. God, who alone made heaven and earth, can alone impart true knowledge of every created thing in relation to himself.
-- CCC 216

Man participates in the wisdom and goodness of the Creator who gives him mastery over his acts and the ability to govern himself with a view to the true and the good. The natural law expresses the original moral sense which enables man to discern by reason the good and the evil, the truth and the lie:

The natural law is written and engraved in the soul of each and every man, because it is human reason ordaining him to do good and forbidding him to sin . . . But this command of human reason would not have the force of law if it were not the voice and interpreter of a higher reason to which our spirit and our freedom must be submitted.
-- CCC 1954

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