Monday, April 14, 2008


From top: Father Zuhlsdorf celebrated the extraordinary form of Holy Mass at St. Benedict's Chapel in Chesapeake and preached on the concept of "conversatio" - the "matter of life" which involves the person's thoughts, words and actions in relationship to God, self and others.
Next, Father Z engages in what he calls "counterterrorism" measures in the "blog wars" as he takes a picture of another blogger taking a picture of him. Getting the first post on a hot item means total victory! He is joined by Father Willis, chaplain to Saint Benedict's and friends for a chat before Mass.
Next, Fr Z joins Father Willis and friends at Monastery restaurant in Norfolk Saturday evening.
Next, Wanderer columnist/WDTPRS blogger Father Zuhlsdorf and fellow Wanderer columnist/MCITL blogger Father Cusick.
And, finally, the faithful chatting after meeting "Christ our hope" in holy Mass.

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AuntsAnon said...

It was nice to meet you and the other TLM faithful this past weekend. Thank you for becoming a priest -- and thank you for serving our country in the military. May God reward you.