Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Festival of Life in north Florida October 25-26

Comunita Cenacolo America will have their phenomenal Festival of Life in St Augustine, Florida on 25 and 26 October. For more info, please visit the Hope Reborn website.

The drama with music and dancing on Saturday evening 25 October at 7:30 pm is most highly recommended especially for teenagers and young adults.

Sunday October 26 will feature Mother Elvira speaking at 11 am and 1 pm with Holy Mass at 5 pm. Mother speaks to the hearts and minds of parents with troubled children, calling them to be true parents by shunning the temptation to give everything to their children and thereby enable addictions.

I saw the festival for the first time in October 2004 and was deeply moved and interiorly drawn by the great joy and new life evident in the young men of the community to get involved myself. These former addicts are truly able to change their lives from drugs to God. When we see the Spirit of the Lord in others we cannot deny that we want also for ourselves the treasure they have found in Him.

Mother Elvira, the foundress of the Comunita Cenacolo, now leads religious communities for men and women, and the community has founded houses for addicts in North America and Europe. Members of the community have also founded missions in Peru and other places in South America in order to intervene in the lives of young people before they turn to drugs and other addictions.

At risk youth are welcome to stay with the community for a two week experience.

For more general information visit the Hope Reborn website.

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