Friday, October 17, 2008

Hard Reality -" Dura Realidad" with Eduardo Verastegui

Visit "What Do Catholics Really Believe?" to see the video a friend, Nilda, recommended - "Hard Reality/Dura Realidad" with Eduardo narrating.

Not recommended for children because the full horrifying reality of the cold-blooded and gruesome murder of unborn children is honestly portrayed.

One of the presidential candidates has promised if he is elected on November 4th to sign FOCA and wipe away every current protection for unborn human life. What are you going to do about it?

You say you are forced "because of the economy" to hold your nose and vote for the pro-abortion candidate? If you have food on the table, shelter over your head and clothes on your back, what is it that forces you to deny the unborn their God-given right to life? This is what you are doing if you are one those who are saying that you have decided to commit the sin of cooperating in the moral evil of abortion by voting for the most radical liberal pro-abortion candidate this country has ever seen.

Will you "tax" the lives of unborn children to pad your lifestyle?

Think about it, PRAY about it - and do something about it November 4th.

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