Friday, October 3, 2008

Stop taking it personally

Someone did not return your smile? Someone did not receive you with kindness?

"He who hears you, hears me."

If you would but speak with the voice of Christ and welcome others as you would welcome Christ then it is He whose image you bear. It is your grace and privilege that He speaks to others and loves others through you.

And when they reject you, it is Christ they reject. When someone refuses to welcome you it is He whom they refuse when they turn away or ignore you.

So, stop taking it personally.

It is therefore not your burden to carry when the other rejects you or refuses to welcome you. It is a matter between the other person and the Lord; so mind your own business and leave the weight of others for Christ to carry.

"He who rejects you rejects me. He who rejects me rejects Him who sent me."

Scripture: Lk 10:13-16

(Photo: Thanks to Iraq Pictures Blogspot.)

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