Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Extraordinary Form Practicum Deepens Priestly Fraternity

At the Washington Archdiocese practicum on the Extraordinary Form of Holy Mass brother priests discovered a new source for deepening their common fraternity in their shared interest in learning how to offer this liturgy of beauty and noble dignity.

Monsignor Charles Pope offered his active support and encouragement to the mostly young group of priests as they prepare to offer solemn high Masses. EF Masses are currently offered at locations in the city of Washington and Maryland.

Fr. Victor Szczurek, O. Praem., of St. Michael's Abbey in Silverado, California, led the training attended by 15 priests of the Archdiocese.

Our Holy Father Pope Benedict's call for celebration of the EF of the Latin Rite in every parish is heeded by increasing numbers of priests who are seeking the training necessary to offer the Mass as these priests did today at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in LaPlata, Maryland.

Young and newly ordained priests are showing great interest in learning to celebrate the immemorial liturgy.


JimR said...

Wonderful news, Father. I pray they will all soon begin to offer the Gregorian Mass. Was that Father White in those pictures? He is at a parish nearby and I would love to assist at his first EF. He offers the Novus Ordo very reverently and is an excellent homilist.

Father Kevin M Cusick said...

Why don't you give Fr. White a call, let him know you saw him on mcitl.blogspot, and ask him for dates and times for the Gregorian Masses? I am sure he would be delighted to know of your support and prayers! +mcitl

James said...

For those interested Fr. White will be celebrating a Latin-Tridentine Mass Friday, September 26, 2008 at seven PM at Saint Mary of The Assumption Church in Upper Marlboro, Md.
This is a good time to be re-introduced to this Most Revrent form of worship.

Dymphna said...

What a beautiful sight.